Our Physiotherapy Program

Physiotherapy is used to mobilise the body again. Whether after accidents, operations or if you have mobility problems due to years of incorrect posture, these problems can be brought under control again with targeted physiotherapy. Together we can improve your mobility and functional ability. You will learn how to avoid bad posture in the future. You also receive effective exercises for at home. The aim is to remobilise the body and to keep largely pain-free.



Manual therapy is particularly recommended for problems with the joints, muscles and nerves. After a thorough examination, we hope find the cause of various disorders of the musculoskeletal system and can directly address them. We carry out special stretches, but also tractions. This relieves the strain on joints, muscles and nerves. Through this treatment, which is located between physiotherapy and massage, pain can be relieved very well. Whether in the case of arthrosis, post-operation, or other ailments such as migraines, manual therapy can achieve good results.

Manuelle Therapie
Manual Therapy


With this specific form of pressure massage, pain points can be found and treated in a targeted manner. Hardened muscles and tendons can not only trigger punctual pain but also radiate it. Therefore it is important to find these trigger points. Lower back pain can be triggered by a trigger point on the elbow. With this treatment, we will search together so that you too can be free of pain again. Acute and chronic pain, local and radiating pain, tension and also shortened muscles can be tackled with the trigger point treatment.

Triggerpinkt Behandlung
Trigger Point Therapy


The classic massage is relaxation, wellness and pain treatment at the same time. A classical and professional massage frees you from all kinds of tension. No matter whether it is back or muscle pain, headaches, migraines, neck pain and much more, a massage can provide relief. Sore muscles and shortenings can also be removed with a classic massage. At the same time, a massage is also a balm for the soul and promotes general well-being.

Classical Massage


With the help of ultrasound therapy, we can be a great support to you in pain therapy. This procedure also stimulates self-healing. Ultrasound therapy is used above all for pain in the joints and spine. The entire treatment is based on the sound waves which penetrate the skin. These sound waves can penetrate up to 5 cm deep into the skin during the therapy and do good there.

Ultraschall Therapie
Ultrasound Therapy


With the therapist’s help, you will work on equipment that you may also know from the gym or fitness studio. However, the training plan will be worked out by the therapist based on your exact findings and medical history. Strength, endurance, coordination and mobility are promoted again by this therapy. Physiotherapy on machines is useful after operations, accidents, sports injuries and long illnesses.

Physiotherapy on machines (KGG)


People often suffer from pain and do not know exactly where the pain comes from. This is where movement and posture analysis comes into play. Targeted analyses are used to find out whether the pain is caused by incorrect posture. Often it can only be due to a defective position of the inner foot that you suffer from hellish pain in the hips. The future therapy can be based on this analysis.

Bewegungs und Haltungs Analyse
Movement & Posture Analysis


Sport Physiotherapy

Our sports physiotherapy is explicitly designed to meet the needs of athletes. Whether after illness, injuries or operations, with our sports oriented physiotherapy you should be mobile again in the shortest possible time. The exercises are adapted exactly to your needs. This allows you to quickly return to normal training and pain is noticeably relieved in a very short span of time.


Manuelle Lymphdrainage
Manual lymph drainage

Manual lymph drainage has a wide range of applications. This type of lymphatic drainage is particularly effective for all types of congestion and deposits. If you suffer from oedema and congestion, manual lymph drainage can help you well. By means of targeted manipulations we can reactivate your lymphatic system and improve the so-called pumping capacity of the lymphatic vessels. Manual lymph drainage can provide relief after operations, in cases of lipedema, venous weakness, all types of swelling and also in post-traumatic problems.


Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is a therapy that scores with its deep warmth. The infrared light serves as a heat source and can be used for problems with the musculature and joints. But also the metabolism and the hormone household can be affected by the heat therapy. Also the oxygen supply of the blood can be improved with the heat therapy. The irradiation with red light produces numerous positive characteristics. These treatments help with back pain, sciatica, but also with detoxification.

Kältetherapie / Cryotherapie

Cryo or cryotherapy is a treatment in extreme cold. Cryo comes from the Greek and means cold. Cryotherapy has a wide range of applications. Numerous complaints, illnesses and pains can be eliminated or alleviated with it. The cold changes the blood circulation, inhibits inflammation and relieves pain. Muscle tone is also altered by this therapy. Injuries to the muscles, joints, ligaments, spine and much more can be treated with this therapy.



The tape is applied to the skin in a special way. Of course these are special tapes and unique techniques. These ensure that the body regains its balance. Taping can relieve pain, strengthen muscles and support tendons and ligaments. Taping has been used in competitive sports since 1973 and alternative medicine has also relied on it for years. We are confident that we can convince you of the effectiveness of taping.


Equipment training and free training (under supervision)

Here too, it is important that the training plan is drawn up by a competent physiotherapist. You may want to start exercising again after an operation or accident. However, you should not act on your own initiative here, but slowly get back into the subject under supervision. Pain, including  shortening and tension pains can be relieved.


Schulung zur Optimierung des Bewegungs- und Haltungsapparates
Training to optimise the musculoskeletal and postural apparatus

This is not only important if you suffer from bad body movements or bad posture. These trainings programs are also absolutely valuable for prevention. This training should not only have a positive effect on the body, but also on the psyche. A better and upright posture contributes immensely to a better self-esteem. You can also improve your appearance and your effect on others enormously through correct posture.


This is referred to as three-dimensional, physiotherapeutic and logopaedic treatment. This can be applied to many different problems with the musculoskeletal system. Whether after operations, long illness and bedriddenness, after strokes and injuries, PNF with its special conception can provide excellent results. Muscle tension is improved by this therapy, motor skills and mobility are promoted and endurance, strength, coordination and stamina are also restored.

PNF (neurological therapy concept)


Do you suffer from pain in your shoulder, head, back or neck and have you not yet found out where this pain comes from? In many cases, a problem with the jaw can be responsible for this. With the help of CMD this can not only be diagnosed but also effectively treated. Ear pain, tinnitus, migraine, sleep disturbances, depression, heavy snoring, dizziness and various pains can be improved by this technique. If you too have problems, of which cause you have not yet pin pointed, a CMD treatment can work wonders here.

TMJ Therapy


This is a massage that goes deep. The technique has been used since 1929 and has not lost any of its importance to this day. Fasciae, skin and subcutis are treated to stimulate the connective tissue. We can use this method to treat the reflex zones on your back and thus release tension and increase your mobility. Blood circulation is stimulated and the body is simultaneously encouraged to detoxify. This so-called stimulation therapy can also be used to treat problems with the internal organs. The connective tissue massage can be very effective for osteoarthritis, rheumatism and digestive problems.

Connective Tissue Massage


Electrotherapy involves the use of electric current. Therefore, this treatment should only be carried out by competent specialist staff. Above all, electricity is used to relieve pain. Electric current can promote blood circulation. With the help of electrotherapy, muscles are loosened, the skin is warmed up to deep tissue layers, the metabolism is stimulated and even nerves are stimulated. Even with patients with a partial paralysis, electrotherapy can effectively provide stimulation to muscles and nerves.



This is a so-called compression-based method of mobilisation. Functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system of all kinds can be treated with it. Medical Flossing is also used for regeneration after accidents and sports injuries. This method is also becoming increasingly important in neurology. With the help of a latex band, the problem zones are stimulated.

Medical Flossing


Sensorimotor functions consist of two important components. The sensoric system and the motoric system. The central nervous system is stimulated via the brain and also the spinal cord to be able to pass on information. This must be coordinated with the motor function, i.e. movement and muscle load. The balance, body balance, load and also muscle tension are thus trained and built up. In the case of bad posture, bad movements, as well as rehab after operations, accidents and illnesses, sensomotoric training is the one sure way to former fitness.

Sensomotoric Training


Scoliosis is a three-dimensional curvature of the spine. This curvature is accompanied by a lateral bending of at least 10 degrees. At the same time, there is a deformation and rotation (torsion) of the vertebral bodies.
As a certified outpatient practice by the Katharina Schroth Klinik Asklepios in Bad Sobernheim, we base our outpatient therapy concept on inpatient rehabilitation. Accordingly, the three-dimensionality of scoliosis therapy is in the foreground. Postural and movement sensations are to be practised through corrective manoeuvres with breathing patterns, so that an improvement in posture and the associated straightening of the curvature is achieved.

Scoliosis Therapy




Preventive Training

Endurance training is extremely important for the cardiovascular system. Whether you need to rebuild it after an illness, or whether you want to do something preventive for your health, Cardio Gym is absolutely recommendable for everyone.


Even in old age it is important that you keep moving. This keeps your bones and joints, tendons and ligaments supple and makes you less prone to accidents and injuries. It is also fun to keep moving in old age.

Active & Fit in Senior Citizens
Functional Daily Athletics

The body can only function if muscles, tendons, ligaments and also coordination work perfectly together. With the strengthening programme for the entire body you support all areas of the body and build up both muscles and endurance.


Active Concept – Back vitality

This concept is perfectly adapted to spinal health. During these exercises, you will learn how to optimally build up your back muscles. As a result, slowly but surely many of the pains that come from weak back muscles will disappear.


If you already exercise regularly, you can go one step further and improve your fitness with the Functio Core Power. Endurance and condition are paired with strength and stretching.


Even if the baby has just been born and life is all about the little treasure, mothers must not forget about their own health and fitness. Many muscles have regressed as a result of the pregnancy, and areas such as the pelvic floor and stomach in particular need to be strengthened again. This programme is designed to meet the needs of young mothers.